Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Ace

Many of Galaxy Ace Users Bricked Their Phones.There Can be Many Reasons for Bricking.It Can be due to interruption during flashing process,upgrading firmware through Kies or due to ROM Manager.But Now We Have Come up with the Tutorial that how to Unbrick Galaxy Ace.
(It Works 100% if You Follow All Steps Correctly)

Bricked : If Your Phone does not boot into the downloading mode or Nothing is going to display by the phone.Then There are High Chances that You've bricked your Phone..
Step 1 – Prepare Odin with the firmware You want to flash (in my case was gingerbread 2.3.3) and get it ready to Go.

Step 2 – Remove battery, SIM and SD card, next connect your galaxy ace to the computer;

Step 3 – Hold Volume down + Power + Home button at the same time;

Step 4 – Insert the battery and wait a bit;

Step 5 – At this point Odin should have detected your Samsung Galaxy Ace ( Yellow rectangle should appear);

Step 6 – Click Start button in Odin and wait about 5 min.

If You do All Above Steps Correctly Then It should come back to life.

Download Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 firmware



Anonymous said...

gotto wipe everything first=)

Manoj Kumar said...

I tried the above said instructions. But still my ace is dead. Can any one help me out...?

Anonymous said...

phone not going into downloaD mode

Anonymous said...

And what if I want to save my Phonebook data first, because I have all my JobMate numbers in my phone? :/

Anonymous said...

should i insert the battery while holding down the three buttons??

Anonymous said...

what is cooper.ops and how do i use it? and how do i use the firmware in the odin software it is not ops format
?? please help as i am stuck at the yeelow rectangle step and dont know what to do...

Rodrigoaguilara said...

Thanks i revived mi Galaxy Ace with this method Sorry my english no its good thanks again

Anonymous said...

dude its takin hell of a time 68 mins

shah said...

I don't understand about odin and frimware....

Anonymous said...

it says how to unbrick your phone and then a few lines further it says if you can't get in downloadmode then your phone is bricked.
Funny: my phone is bricked so i can't get in download mode.
What is de use of this tutorial if you can't use it if you phone is bricked

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